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e-Aadhar Card Download Online by eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in

How to Download my e-aadhar card | e-adhar card downloading process
People can download their E-adhar card  through online from  the e-aadhar uidai  gov .in official website by filling the required mandatory fields . Download the e-aadhaar card through online people need to browse the e-aadhaar downloading page from the UIDAI Official website.   Aadhaar card is among the greatest proof of Identity and who are Residence in India. Anyone can download the E-Aadhar through online by providing the Enrollment Number and /or Aadhaar Number the Government of India has decided to allow the citizens of India to download the e-Aadhaar if it is misplaced

By following the simple steps we can download our e-Aadhar card
There are two methods for downloading the E-Aadhar card.
First method is by providing the Enrollment Number
Second method is by providing the Aadhar Number

Note: Before downloading the e-adhar card through online people need to check is your adhar card approved or NOT, to confirm that need to check Aadhaar card Status online

Option 1 for downloading the of E-Aadhar Card by Enrollment Number
If you want to download the e-Aadhar Card by Enrollment Number, the following are the steps to follow the Procedure
·         Enter your Enrollment Number and Date and Time
·         Enter Your Full Name
·         Enter Your Pin Code ( Postal Code)
·         Enter Mobile Number
·         Click on the “Get One Time Password”
·         Enter that OTP PIN
Now you can download your E-Aadhaar Card.
Note: After you get the “Downloaded your e-Aadhar Card” in PDF file, you can open this e-Aadhar card Document by entering the password as your Area Pin Code
If the Enrollment ID is not available, you can also “Download your e-Aadhar Card” by entering your Aadhar Number instead of Enrollment ID
eaadhaar card download

Option 2 for downloading the of E-Aadhar Card by Aadhar card Number
If you want to download the e- Aadhar Card by Aadhar Number, the following are the steps to follow the Procedure
·         Enter your Aadhar Number
·         Enter Your Full Name
·         Enter Your Pin Code ( Postal Code)
·         Enter Mobile Number
·         Click on the “Get One Time Password”
·         Enter that OTP PIN
Now you can download your E-Aadhaar Card.
Internet connection is mandatory to Download the e-aadhaar card and open the e-aadhaar card
Before download the E-aadhaar crad you need to install adobe reader to view the e-aadhaar card online
NOTE: After you get the “Downloaded Your Aadhar Card” in PDF file, you can open this Aadhar card Document by entering the password as your Area Pin Code
Important Note: people who ever want to download their e-aadhaar card through online they should register their mobile number with his/her Aadhaar card number at the time of Aadhaar card enrollment.  If your mobile number was not updated to your aadhaar card, initially need update your mobile number with Aadhaar card, until you should not have aceess to download e-aadhaar card through online

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Aadhaar Facial Recognition Service UIDAI Launch Face Recognition system

Aadhaar Facial Recognition Service

Aadhaar face Recognition service more delay:
Unique Identification Authority of India – UIDAI, was announced to launch ‘facial Recognition’ service for aadhaar users, but due to some technical issues UIDAI recently said that Facial Recognition facility will be delayed by some more days.
By doing hard works most of the people’s finger prints was erased and their fingers was not scanned at biometric process,  in that situations they are not able to get the aadhaar related benefits which is provided by State government or center government. Most of the people suffering at the time of Civil supply benefits, old age pension benefits and the social schemes.
Official News: Aadhaar Issued organization UIDAI for facial Recognition facility will be delayed by one month. The scheme is to be implemented from July 1st to August 1st with the intent to enforce without any problems as noted by the unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) CEO Ajay  Bhushan Pandey  has been said while the Aadhaar is currently  scanned for IRIS, Fingerprints. the UIDAI has been decided that facial recognition is also to be added in Last year, UIDAI have already in that work  it’s a technological knowledge related  matters  so it can be take some time. UIDAI is getting ready to be fully prepared. This is a step towards a new direction.  hope this facial recognition service will helpful for aadhaar users. in all over India.
Ajay Said that they were trying to run from August 1st it is delayed for a few months.

Limited KYC for Telecom connections:
There is no need to give full details of Aadhaar for Telecom Connections. The department of telecommunications (DOT) has advised telecom operators to arrange the system to utilize virtual ID’s connected to Aadhaar number. Requested that mobile subscribers be ready to switch to the limited KYC system. DOT made these suggestions connected to a personal Aadhaar number 16 digit numbers is considered as a virtual ID. It will be fully operational from next few months. This will strengthen the privacy (Aadhaar) and Security of people’s Information

What is Aadhar URN How to know my Aadhar URN Status

what is URN meaning Urn Status

What is aadhhar URN Number and meaning?
Aadhar card Unique Request Number - URN to know the e-Aadhar Card Status online, by filling the details of Aadhaar card Number and URN number on the Self service Update portal- ssup

Aadhaar card has many mistakes in printing, for this UIDAI has made online portal to correct or update your aadhaar details,

 When you make changes to your aadhaar card data, a unique request number (urn) is assigned to that change request.

Keep this number safe, so that you can track the update status online

How to know my Aadhar URN
• Collect the required documents of correction, such as name, age, gender, address.

• Go to this link aadhaar online update portal.

• After that you will see the two boxes, first box is for aadhaar number and second is phone number which you have registered.

• You will get the OTP after putting the required details; just enter the mobile number OTP,

        Note: that OTP is valid for only 15 min

• After this, next step is which you want to update, just click on the box, it might be name, age, sex, address.

• After successfully uploading document you will get the aadhar URN Number (update request number).

• Just save that number, it will be helpful in tracking the update status online

Process to Apply Aadhaar Card for New Born Child / babies / kids

aadhhar card for New Born babies child kids

The following are the details to apply aadhaar card for children
Andhra Pradesh government has newly launched aadhaar service for new born child at government hospitals, this process will be available from July onwards, initially this service was started in Haryana   state and successfully running, we can apply Aadhar card for any Kid or child or Infant who is over 1 years of age.  Biometric is not required for him/her but after kid or child attains the age of 5 years he has to get the biometric done for the same aadhar card number. at the time birth registration, we can also apply aadhaar card for child  with reference to parents  Aadhaar card Number, then child will get enrollment number with 14 digits, after 3 days aadhaar card number will sent to mobile for child, then if you want made any changes like Name change or address change  you can do..
Applying Aadhar Card for Children or Kid
•Children over 1 year of age only can apply for Aadhar Card.
•No biometrics data required for children till 5 years as the hand impressions keep changing. The children’s account will simply be linked to the parent/ guardian.
•Biometrics will be done after attaining 5 years of age; the Aadhar Card number shall remain same throughout life time.
•After attaining 15 years, biometrics data will be taken again for the last time and will then be linked to the Aadhar Card.
•The child’s photograph is taken during the process.
Documents required for Applying Aadhar Card for Children or Kid
The documents required for child are almost the same as for adults.
•Date of birth proof is mandatory for kids.
•Either parent, who has an existing Aadhar Card/ who has applied already for the Aadhar Card can introduce the child for the same. As such, the parent/ guardian should also submit Proof of Identity and/ or Proof of address. (Examples of few given below)
•Without the above documents, the kid’s Aadhar Card process cannot be generated.
In case where the parent/ guardian are applying together with the child for Aadhar Card, the parent/ guardian’s details will first be registered and an enrolment number will be generated. Following which, the child’s Aadhar card data will be taken.
Documents required For Proof of Identity (POI):
•Voter ID card
•PAN Card
•Driving License
Documents required For Proof of Address (POA):
•Passport of Spouse
•Passport of Parents (for minor)
•Voter ID card
•Driving License
•Ration Card
•Bank statement/ Passbook
•Credit Card Statement (within 3 months)
•Electricity Bill (within 3 months)
•Water Bill (within 3 months)
•Landline Bill (Telephone) (within 3 months)
•Insurance Policy
Last Words:
From the above process people can easily get aadhaar card for their new born babies/ child

Change your Aadhar Card Photo Image | Edit Aadhar card Photo

Aadhaar Card Photo Change

Most of the people were not satisfying with their aadhaar card photo, when they saw their aadhaar card, most of the aadhaar card photos not clear, blur, less quality like that, some of the people thought how to change / edit my aadhaar card photo or how to change my aadhaar card photo, for that people there is one option to change / edit their aadhaar card photo.

There is a very simple process to change your photograph on Aadhar card.this addhar card photo change process is only available in Offline mode only, addhar card change / edit process is not available through Online.

As, we have mentioned below the steps which you can follow to set your desired picture on the Aadhar card.

How to Change Photo on Aadhar Card

Step 1: Visit any Aadhar card enrollment centre or camp with your 12-digit Aadhaar number.

Step 2: They will give one update form / correction form, Fill up the Aadhar card enrollment form once again and clearly mention your 12-digit Aadhaar number in the respective field of that form. and also fill the mandatory fields

Step 3: We have to go through the process of fingerprint and iris scan and photograph capture.
Ensure that you ask the operator to show your captured photograph and ask him to retake your photo if you are not happy with the one already taken.

Step 4: Your details will be sent to the data center of UIDAI for further processing and after 2 weeks you will get your Aadhar card with the same 12-digit unique number but with a different photograph. people can directly download their e-aadhaar card from the eaadhaar card download page

But remember that we have to pay a fee of Rs. 15/– for this whole procedure because enrollment for Aadhar card is free for only one time. This facility is applicable for every Aadhar card holder including children but recalls that biometric details of children up to 5 years in age are not taken.

some of the people think and thought that they want to change or edit their child photo, that people have to remember Children photographs are updated at the age of 15 and 18 years in Aadhar card. so if your children age cross 15 years then you can change / edit your son/ daughter photo

 If we want to change or update your other details like name correction, address Change and mobile number update, etc. then you can do it both online and offline mode

Conclusion: this the clear process to Change / edit aadhaar card photo,  if you don’t have satisfy with your aadhaar card photo, but remember only online process is available ONLINE process is not available for aadhaar card photo change / edit, after made photo changes people can download their e-aadhaar card

Register-Update your mobile Number In Aadhar card Online and Offline ssup.uidai.gov.in

Update/ Register your mobile number with Aadhar

How to Register or Update mobile with Aadhar card:
According to the latest aadhar official updtaes, every aadhar holder must link their mobile number or phone number or contact number to Aadhar card. In this aadhar card information page we clearly explain how to link your mobile number to Aadhar card / UID, aadhar card to mobile number linking process, link your phone number to aadhar card, recently Supreme court has announced each and every mobile number should link to one Aadhar card number and it is mandatory for mobile users and also updated aadhar number with mobile number within one year
 Process to update your mobile number in Aadhar:
People can update their mobile number / phone number in two different ways that is offline mode and online mode
1. Update mobile number through online
2. Update or register your mobile number through offline mode
3. Update your mobile number when your mobile number lost
How to Update Your Mobile Number Through Online:
In case anyone wants to change their mobile number with aadhaar card they can easily update/ change their register mobile number online through http://ssup.uidai.gov.in  or www.uidai.gov.in  if you want to update / change mobile number Register mobile is mandatory for OTP (One Time Password)
Initially users have to open Aadhaar card Self Service update portal ssup.uidai.gov.in from any browser at the bottom of self service portal home page you have to find (TO SUBMIT YOUR UPDATE/ CORRECTION REQUEST ONLINE PLEASE CLICK HERE)  link then click on the link then you will get new page on new window as shown below
Aadhar mobile number update Online
Then enter your Aadhar card Number on Aadhar Card Number field and enter verification code as shown on the page
Then click on the SEND OTP
Now you will get OTP on your register mobile number, now you can get permission to change or update your aadhar card data on self service update portal and finish the step by step Update / Change data process.
Complete Update process cycle on Online Mode

How to Update or Register Mobile Number through Offline:
People who ever want to update or register their mobile number through offline; they have to visit nearest Aadhar Kendra or Aadhaar enrollment center
 Requested for Corrections form then they will give you aadhaar card corrections form
Then select the relevant option what you want to change or update Aadhaar card data and also fill the relevant data which we showed below
Aadhar card Corrections Form

Then submit it filled Aadhaar corrections form to aadhaar enrollment center persons, then they will update your correction on aadhaar update portal, it will takes few days to update your aadhaar card data. You may get confirmation massage on registered mobile number then you can download your eaadhaar card online from the aadhaar card official page.

Update your mobile number when your Register mobile number lost:
In case your Register mobile number lost, in this case if you want to update your mobile number? You can update your mobile number in online and offline modes

If you want to update your mobile number through online mode, before that you have to retain your register mobile number from your service provider (you have get new SIM card on same mobile Number). After getting your old mobile number then you can update your mobile through Online. For online update process you have to follow the step same as we explain above..

If you want to update your register mobile number through offline, it simple process you have directly visit your nearest aadhaar enrollment center , then follow the process same as we explain above for Update your mobile number through offline

We conclude this; these are the process update / changes / register your mobile number. In simple words  for online mode register mobile is mandatory to get OTP, then from Self Service update portal peole can update mobile number, for Offline mode directly visit Aadhaar Kendra and complete the process,

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Change Update Aadhar Card Address by Post Change address offline

Change Aadhar card Address by Post

Aadhar card Address change update via post:
Most of the people trying to update / change their aadhar card address due to some reasons like correct address not update  on aadhar card or print mistakes in aadhar card address and also update / change aadhaar card address due to relocation and location change / residence change. People who ever want to change aadhar card address 90% of the people don’t know how to change aadhar card address. And some of them search on google like aadhar card address change offline, aadhar card address change online, aadhar card address change via post, aadhar card address change through aadhar centes.
 UIDAI- unique Identification authority of India recently announces official 95% of the people have their aadhar card In India. Some of the aadhar card holders facing the problems with mistakes in aadhar card address, for that UID providing services in some ways like online mode and offline mode  from the offline mode we can update/ change address via post also.
Change / Update Aadhar card address:
You can only update address in aadhaar card via post mode, if you want to change aadhar card address offline via post you need to download the update request form from the UIDAI official website https://uidai.gov.in
Change Aadhar card Address By Post

After download the aadhar card update/ change request form, fill the all required fields will CAPITAL LETTERS then send it to UIDAI office by POST with any one supported Document for Proof of Address (PoA).
Supported PoA Documents should contain Name and Address:
1. Passport
2. Bank Statement/ Passbook
3. Post Office Account Statement/Passbook
4. Ration Card
5. Voter ID
6. Driving License
7. Government Photo ID cards/ service photo identity card issued by PSU
8. Electricity Bill (not older than 3 months)
9. Water bill (not older than 3 months)
10. Telephone Landline Bill (not older than 3 months)
11. Property Tax Receipt (not older than 1 year)
12. Credit Card Statement (not older than 3 months)
13. Insurance Policy bond
14. Signed Letter having Photo from Bank on letterhead
15. Signed Letter having Photo issued by registered Company on letterhead
16. Signed Letter having Photo issued by Recognized Educational Institutions on letterhead
17. NREGS Job Card
18. Arms License
19. Pensioner Card
20. Freedom Fighter Card
21. Kissan Passbook
22. CGHS / ECHS Card
23. Certificate of Address having photo issued by MP or MLA or Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on
24. Certificate of Address issued by Village Panchayat head or its equivalent authority (for rural areas)
25. Income Tax Assessment Order
26. Vehicle Registration Certificate
27. Registered Sale / Lease / Rent Agreement
28. Address Card having Photo issued by Department of Posts
29. Caste and Domicile Certificate having Photo issued by State Govt.
30. Disability ID card/handicapped medical certificate issued by respective State/UT
31. Gas Connection Bill (not older than 3 months)
32. Passport of Spouse
33. Passport of Parents (in case of Minor)
34. Marriage Certificate Issued by the Government containing address
Postal Address to send Change / Updated Form:
  1. Updated form Send by Registered or Normal India Post only
  2. All Supporting Documents should be self attested
  3. Only address can be updated by this mode of aadhar updating

This is the way to update / change aadhar card Address by post, it will take minimum 15 days to update aadhar data on Aadhaar card, then we can download Eaadhar card then print it

Get Aadhar card | Get E-Aadhar Card Online Get Aadhar On Mobile

Get eAadhar card on Mobile

Get aadhar Card, Get E-aadhar card Online:

Normally people can get aadhar card letter through the post, with in 90days period after completion of aadhar enrollment process. People can get aadhar original copy through posts only. Incase people didn’t get aadhar letter on that time they can get e-aadhar card through online from the official aadhaar card website page (https://resident.uidai.net.in/get-aadhaar), people can download their electronic version of aadhaar card (e-aadhar card), and it e-aadhar card is as Valid as the original aadhar letter, and people can get aadhar card or get e-aadhar card by submitting the aadhar number or Enrollment ID, Enrollment ID can found on Enrollment Slip, enrollment slip given to you at the time of aadhar card Enrollment.

  • Get Aadhaar card
  • Get E-aadhaar card Online /Download e-aadhar card
  • Get aadhar card on Mobile
  • Check aadhar card Status Online

Get E-Aadhar or Download E-aadhar card:
You can download your E-aadhar card from the e-aadhaar card Downloading page of aadhar uidai official website (https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/), by entering the mandatory fields  which is marked as star (*),  we have two options on the E-aadhar card downloading page  is  Download or Get E-aadhar card with Aadhaar card Number, Download or Get E-aadhaar card with Enrollment ID, before Downloading e-aadhar card you need to checkyour Aadhar card Status online

If you Select getadhar card by Enrollment Id
In the Enrollment ID field you have to enter 14 digits of Enrollment ID and 14 digits of date and time of Enrollment like as (1234/12345/12345 dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)
Then you have to enter

Your Full Name: ………………………………………

Pin Code………………………………………………….

Enter security Image code: XXXX

Mobile Number: 9951XXXXXX

If you Select getadhar card by Aadhaar card Number
In the Aadhaar card Number field enter 12 digits of your aadhar card like as (1234 1234 1234)
Then you have to enter the same fields

Your Full Name: ………………………………………

Pin Code………………………………………………….

Enter security Image code: XXXX

Mobile Number: 9951XXXXXX

NOTE:  before Download or Get E-aadhar card  you should register your mobile number with your aadhar card  In case you didn’t  register  your mobile Number with your aadhar card at the time of enrollment you don’t have permission to get E-aadhar card online, so for Download e- aadhar card you need to Register your mobilenumber with your aadhar card

After entering mobile number you have to click on Get One Time Password

Then you will get OTP on your register Mobile Number,

After entering the OTP click on Validate & Download

Before Downloading E-aadhar card you need to install adobe reader on your System,

After Downloading E-aadhar card Enter your area POSTAL CODE as Password to Open the E-aadhaar card on your System.

Get Aadhar card Number on Mobile:
 To get Aaadhar card Number on Mobile, you have to login on aadhaar card official web page (https://resident.uidai.net.in/web/resident/get-aadhaar-no),

Then you have to fill the mandatory

In the Enrollment ID field you have to enter 14 digits of Enrollment ID and 14 digits of date and time of Enrollment like as (1234/12345/12345 dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)

Then enter your Register mobile Number 10 digits Number (9951XXXXXX)

Then enter Security Code

Click On Get OTP

You will get OTP on Your Register Mobile Number, it will valid for some time only
After getting OTP, Enter OTP on the next page
Now You can get Aadhar card Number on Your Mobile, after process completion ..

Verify your Aadhaar card It is Active or Not 81 lakh Aadhaar cards Deactivated Check your Aadhaar

According to ministry of State of Electronics and Information Technology of India report, UIDAI- unique Identification Authority of India Approximately 82 lakh Aadhaar cards have been deactivated/suspended due to some technical reasons  based on Section 27 and 20 of Aadhaar Act, 2016,

People have to note down and remind every 12 digits number is not an Aadhaar Number and Valid 12 digits Aadhaar Number will generate based on some technical script.

Now  people must have to check your aadhaar card number is in Active State or suspended, so if you want to check, UIDAI – unique identification authority of India providing Service on UIDAI official website i.e. VERIFY AADHAAR NUMBER, from that service we can check our Aadhaar card whether it is Active or Suspended

First, we need open UIDAI official website http://resident.uidai.gov.in
Then Click on Verify Aadhaar on top of the Right Side, which is shown like below
verify your aadhaar card

Then you entered into Aadhaar card verification window
In this page, you have filled the two required fields, in the Aadhaar Number field enter your 12 digit Aadhaar card Number, and in the second field enter Security code whatever display on the Right
Then Click on the Verify Tab Which is shown in Green color
Verify aadhaar Card

After Click on Verify, you will get verification Page
if your 12 digit aadhaar Card Number is Active it shows green Right Mark Symbol, if your Aadhaar card is deactivated or suspended it shows Cross mark in Red Colour.
Verify aadhaar Card

For Aadhaar official direct verification link Click Here