Change your Aadhar Card Photo Image | Edit Aadhar card Photo | Adhar card photo Editor

Change your Aadhar Card Photo Image | Edit Aadhar card Photo | Adhar card photo Editor

Aadhaar Card Photo Change

Most of the people were not satisfying with their aadhaar card photo, when they saw their aadhaar card, most of the aadhaar card photos not clear, blur, less quality like that, some of the people thought how to change / edit my aadhaar card photo or how to change my aadhaar card photo, for that people there is one option to change / edit their aadhaar card photo. 

In some cases we should have to update/ Edit your aadhaar card photo print, It is mandatory for schemes and some government services 
For Example, If you were taking aadhaar card when you were a small child/kid ( below 15 years) 
Your Aadhar card photo needs to be updated at the time of obtaining a driving license or passport.
At the time of applying Learning Licence (LLR) and Passport or any other, If you do not update your Aadhaar card photo it will be definitely rejected

There is a very simple process to change your photograph on Aadhar card.this addhar card photo change process is only available in Offline mode only, aadhar card change / edit process is not available through Online.

As, we have mentioned below the steps which you can follow to set your desired picture on the Aadhar card.

How to Change Photo on Aadhar Card

Step 1: Visit any Aadhar card enrollment centre or camp with your 12-digit Aadhaar number.

Step 2: They will give one update form / correction form, Fill up the Aadhar card enrollment form once again and clearly mention your 12-digit Aadhaar number in the respective field of that form. and also fill the mandatory fields

Step 3: We have to go through the process of fingerprint and iris scan and photograph capture.
Ensure that you ask the operator to show your captured photograph and ask him to retake your photo if you are not happy with the one already taken.

Step 4: Your details will be sent to the data center of UIDAI for further processing and after 2 weeks you will get your Aadhar card with the same 12-digit unique number but with a different photograph. people can directly download their e-aadhaar card from the eaadhaar card download page

But remember that we have to pay a fee of Rs. 15/– (charges maybe different or change)for this whole procedure because enrollment for Aadhar card is free for only one time. This facility is applicable for every Aadhar card holder including children but recalls that biometric details of children up to 5 years in age are not taken.

some of the people think and thought that they want to change or edit their child photo, that people have to remember Children photographs are updated at the age of 15 and 18 years in Aadhar card. so if your children age cross 15 years then you can change/edit your son/ daughter photo
Remember that Aadhaar card photo Edit / Aadhaar card photo change / Aadhaar card update service is available offline mode only, which means you should visit authorized Aadhaar update center. it is not available through the Online portal (Self Service update portal- SSUP)
 If we want to change or update your other details like name correction, address Change and mobile number update, etc. then you can do it both online and offline mode

Conclusion: this the clear process to Change / edit aadhaar card photo,  if you don’t have satisfy with your aadhaar card photo, but remember only offline process is available, ONLINE process is not available for aadhaar card photo change / edit, after made photo changes people can download their e-aadhaar card


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