Aadhaar Card For NRI & IT Filling - Budget 2019: Get Aadhaar In Couple of Days

Aadhaar Card For NRI & IT Filling - Budget 2019: Get Aadhaar In Couple of Days

Aadhar Card for NRI:

Finally NRI’S related to the state got relief. In the absence of Aadhar cards the problem of land documents has been resolved. Government has been removed the conditions kept for the sanctioning of the Aadhar Card for NRI’S living in abroad.
Aadhaar for NRI
Aadhaar card for NRI's
Central finance minister “Nirmala sitharaman”, Who introduced the budget in the parliament on Friday (5th July 2019), Announced that to Issue Aadhar cards Immediately for the NRI’S who were coming to India, with the help of passports, Passport is the valid Document for NRI's to apply for Aadhaar card and also announced that Aadhar will be granted as soon as possible without waiting for 180 days.
After UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) official instructions NRI’s can Enroll for Aadhaar card based on the preferred format

Land Passbook Issue for NRI’s

From the latest decision the way Issuance of land owner passbooks for the NRI’S in the state has been cleared. The state government decided that NRI’S who were not having the Aadhar cards were not able to get the passbooks that were kept in pending.
State Government Issued new passbooks after land records clearance, for this Aadhar number made Mandatory. Not only that they also kept condition that land owner should come directly. In that case without having the Aadhar card, who had came to their own motherland getting disappointed. In this case NRI’S were done rounds near to collectors, but they got disappointed that they didn’t show any solution.

Nearly 1lakh people got relief:

More than 1lakh people got relief with the decision to issue Aadhar card to NRI’S. Having Aadhar card for NRI’S is a crime, so large number of people don’t have these cards. In this case the NRI’S of our state who was in abroad get benefits to the latest decision of the central government.
 According to state wise 1.38 lakh land passbooks are being still pending, In that nearly 1.05lakhs are related to NRI’S been stated by authorities. After receiving the Aadhar cards, they will soon receive the documents also.


In recent Budget eliminated the rule that the need of permanent account number (PAN) for filling Income tax returns
Now based on Aadhar number can fill for returns. In every instance of using the pan card, can use aadhar instead of that, many changes will be made to make filling IT returns in an easy way. link Aadhaar with Pancard is mandatory
As part of this, pre-filled returns documents will be made available to taxpayers. Capital gains through remuneration securities, Interest & dividends from banks and all Income details will be mentioned in it.
IT is no longer be possible to conceal that without informing about Income gains proceeds to the Income-tax department.                      
Non-resident Indians who have our country passport has the expire date for Issuing them Aadhar card system has been removed.
As per current rules, they have to wait for 180 days to get Aadhar card.     

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