Digital Locker for aadhaar card e-aadhaar card Download

Digital Locker for aadhaar card e-aadhaar card Download

Digital locker for aadhaar card
Digital Locker for Aadhaar card:
Good news for all aadhaar card holders in India, we are happy to inform that UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is now integrated with Digital locker (DigiLocker) like registered issuer, with this digilocker facility aadhaar card holder may store their e-aadhaar card on digital plotform using digital locker data base. digilocker for aadhaar card is the biggest document data base intigration for digilocker's service using this digi locker service people can access their digital / e-aadhaar on live through the digilocker desktop and mobile applications. Apart from aadhaar card digital locker we have other dogital documents avialable 290 million Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration Certificates (issued by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways), 150 million LPG Records (issued by Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas), 10 million CBSE mark sheets & certificates etc.

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How do we integrate the Digilocker and Aadhaar card?
In India almost 109 crores Aaadhaar cards was issued by UIDIA (Unique Identification Authority of India). People who ever having aadhaar card they can utilize this digilocker service. For integrate digilocker server with aadhaar card, people have to register / signup on digilocker official website  , then on top of the right click on signup tab as shown below, if you already signup with digilocker you can directly Signin on digilocker Service, then enter your 10 digits mobile number and click on Continue Tab
Digilocker Registration

Then you will get OTP On your mobile Number, enter that OTP On one time Password box then click on verify. that one time Password is valid for only 10 minutes
Digilocker Account

Then set Your Username and Password on digilocker server,
Then you will get message like YOUR DIGILOCKER ACCOUNT WAS CREATED SUCCESSFULLY, now you have to enter your Aadhaar card Number on the Aadhaar crad Column as shown below, then also select option with  Use fingerprint or use OPT, One Time Password is better for everyone. Then Click on Submit Tab,
Digilocker aadhaar card number

Now you will get OTP on your aadhaar card registered mobile number, this will valid for 30 minutes only. 
Digilocker OTP

Now you had successfully create your digilocker, from here you can browse and print your eaadhaar card from anywhere using this Digilocker Server. you can show your dashboard like this as shown below.
Digi locker Dashboard

Useally people download their e-aadhaar card for uidai official website, by entering the required data, after downloading e-aadhaar card people may store that in the local system this local /personal system you con't use every where But using this Digilocker facility we can browse your and download your e-aadhaar card from any where.

Now we have clear idea about how to integrate aadhaar card with digital locker, using this digilocker Service we also save Driving Licenses, Vehicle Registration Certificates, CBSE Mark sheets and LPG records etc... is the exact digital platform for digitalization.
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