Aadhaar complaints to Grievance center File complaint

Aadhaar complaints to Grievance center File complaint

Aadhaar complaints to Grievance center


Following are the requirements to contact the grievance center:

1) The users of this system are expected to be residents, registrars and enrollment agencies.

2) Any resident seeking enrolment is given a printed acknowledgement form with an Enrollment 

Number, that enables the resident to make queries about her/his enrolment status through any communication channel of the contact center.

The following are the fields are entered to fill the File Complaint Application:

Step-1: Enter the Enrollment Id in the Textbox which is Mandatory for the Aadhar related Complaint

Step-2:  Enter the full name as same as available on the Aadhar card

Step-3: Enter the Email Address, which is a mandatory filed, to check the mails referred to the status of the application

Step-4: Enter the Mobile Number, which is a mandatory filed, to check the messages referred to the status of the application

Step-5: Enter the pin code of the area which you are located and available same on the Aadhar card

Step-6: Select the Village / Town / City from the dropdown

Step-7: Select the Main Category from the dropdown

Step-8: Select the Category from the dropdown

Step-9: Enter the Security Code in the Text Box which is given in the Captcha Image

Step-10: Enter the remarks in the Text Box, which it should not exceed to 150 characters

Step-11: Click on the Submit Button

Step-12: After click on Submit, a Case Id will be generated and sent to your mobile number and Email-id

for voice complaint people have to dial toll free number 1947


Aadhaar card new mobail number add karana hai 9931934456
Aadhaar nu. 917734192092 name Chandan kharwar village somgarh p/s+p/o sathi
district west Champarn


Full Corruption is legally going on. . But no one can raise the voice..
Bank of Maharashtra Nasik road bytco branch all my group people ₹50/- was taken but no uploaded data still... And despite of going and asking the details he first time gave answer that only I should come after three days i.e. on Monday 7.10.19 and collect the refund of five people who were there in my group.
1) 26/08/2019 at 13:37:53
Update Req. No. 0662/12300/25714
2) 27/08/2019 at 12:46:19
Update Req. No. 0662/12300/25734
3) 27/08/2019 at 12:13:27
Update Req. No. 0662/12300/25730
4) 27/08/2019 at 11:56:41
Update Req. No. 0662/12300/25728
5) 27/08/2019 at 12:20:17
Update Req. No. 0662/12300/25731
Today when I went with one of the group person who enrolled herself for updating.. The person authorised for aadhar has pressurized the enrollers adopted daughter. And was trying to take away the earlier enrollment copy by giving Vague and Fake answers ..
Kindly see how the System is going is it on a right or a Wrong track.
I ask for immediate updating aadhar details of our group as details above mentioned and ALSO A STRICT ACTION MUST BE TAKEN AGAINST THE PERSON AUTHORISED IN BOM BYTCO BRANCH NASIK ROAD NASHIK.


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