E-Aadhaar Enrollment Process | Enrollment Centers list

E-Aadhaar Enrollment Process | Enrollment Centers list

Aadhaar Enrollment Process

aadhaar enrollment process

• Go to any authorized Aadhaar enrollment center anywhere in India with your identity and address proof.

• If your locality is not listed in the online appointment application website, you will have to walk-in at any nearby Aadhaar card center, without prior appointment.

• You can get free Aadhaar card application form(s) at the center itself, or you can choose the option download in online.

• It is advisable to download, take a print out and go to the Aadhaar card center with the already filled application form(s) to save time at the center.

• At the time of enrollment, your photo, finger-prints and iris scan will be taken.

• Review carefully the details you have provided and make corrections, if any, during the enrollment itself.

• During enrollment, you will receive an acknowledgment slip, till the time you don't receive your original Aadahar Card copy.

• The information details will be verified centrally before you are issued Aadhaar Card.

• On successful verification, you will first receive an SMS and/or email notification and later after a 
few days your Aadhaar number will be printed and sent to your address through post

Eaadhaar Enrollment Process

• Go to the link https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/ where you will get the appointment form online. Search Enrollment Centers

• Fill in the details .e. name, email and phone number.

• Please note that phone number filled here will be used further if you need to do any kind of amendment online and we would recommend filling these details carefully, otherwise it will cause other troubles before you can get the aadhar card.

• Once you fill the person details you can select the Enrollment center and the date and time of the appointment online.

• It is a must for you to visit one of the aadhar centers in order to register for the card irrespective of whether you obtain your form online or from an aadhar Enrollment center.

click on the link for E aadhaar card enrollment : E-adhar Enrollment

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